Injury Reduction Consulting

Consulting on injury reduction requires attention to details and a consistent approach. There is plenty of research showing us we can reduce risk of ACL knee injuries by a rate of 60-80% with simple, consistent training techniques. My consultation services are provided on a case by case basis and targeted towards the unique needs of the client. While not all injuries can be prevented, a great deal can be done to help keep athletes safe and healthy. 


Individual Consultation

Individual consultation involves extensive movement assessment of the athlete and summary of areas needing to be targeted through training programs. This might include a comprehensive warm-up program, strength programming, recommendations regarding training load and volume, as well as training sessions to facilitate preventative strategies.


Team Consultation

Research shows us that consistent training and understanding of injury reduction techniques is paramount to the success of reduction programs. Team training involves education on warm-up techniques, coaches training and team coaching when indicated to foster development and learning. 


Club Consultation

Implementing club-wide injury reduction strategies can be of huge benefit for the athletes involved. Program details will vary and are dependent on the needs of the club.


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