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Offering a fresh approach to physical therapy that will save you time and money. Let me give you the tools you need to get stronger, spend less time in physical therapy and more time enjoying what you love.


Strong for life.

Strong. Fearless. Resilient. Empowered.

Who do you see?

My passion lies in care for female athletes of all levels, with a particular focus on running and soccer athletes.

I have seen high level soccer players, fitness athletes, runners, rowers, hikers climbers, swimmers, you name it. I will see anyone who seeks the value that I provide in this setting.

What do you treat?

  • ACL injury

  • Sports injuries

  • Knee pain

  • Back pain

  • Persistent pain

  • Shoulder pain

  • Plantar fasciitis (facsiopathy)

  • Achilles tendinitis (tendinopathy)

  • Meniscus injury

  • Stress fracture

  • Iliotibial band syndrome

  • Patellofemoral pain

How do you treat?

  • Careful evaluation and assessment of injury or painful condition

  • Utilization of exercise treatment techniques to foster performance and reduce pain

  • Manual therapy techniques

  • Mobility techniques

  • Education and mindset coaching

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