Physical Therapy


I do not practice the way that most therapists do. The medical system has set you up to fail and has put you in a position that costs you time, money and quite frankly your health.  

Right now, the old way isn't working. The old way keeps people sick. 

As your physical therapist, I refuse to participate in a system that keeps you sick. It should not take 20 visits to get you better. Period.

This type of thing shouldn't be radical, but unfortunately, it is. It is also, ultimately, one that will save you time, money and get you your life back.

I am a physical therapist that is practicing under current and best evidence. This means that I read...a lot. It means that I'm current on the quickest and smartest ways to get you better. It means that "doing no harm" is getting you the information you need quickly, so that you don't need me. 

Many of the people I see for physical therapy needs have been stuck and going to therapy or other services for months with little improvement. Often, athletes are left to their own devices to return to sport. This negligence is rampant.  

If you're ready to get better and do so feeling confident in yourself again, I am confident you'll find value in what I do.  

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy is a profession geared towards facilitating an individual in maintaining, restoring or improving movement, activity and functioning. Services are targeted at improving your performance, wellness, quality of life, and restoring function so that you remain healthy and active to the extent of your heart's desire. 

What Sisu Sports Performance & PT offers:

  • Direct access physical therapy care 
  • Individualized assessment and evaluation of injury
  • Expert understanding of musculoskeletal injuries and persistent pain conditions
  • Tailored programming to match or prepare for sport specific performance demands
  • 60 minute appointments


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