Performance Coaching

Performance coaching is a service offered by Sisu Sports Performance that works to enhance the performance of athletes either before or after injury. We specialize in helping soccer players, runners and fitness athletes reach their performance goals. Coaching any athlete requires attentive programming and knowledge of the science of sport to ultimately enhance an athlete's ability.

Sisu Sports Performance works to improve the development of an athlete through deep conceptual understanding of movement, load management, volume, mindfulness and much more. Coaching is typically an ongoing process that works to improve an athlete's performance, whether this be working to improve speed, quickness, strength, or reduce risk of injury.

If you have goals and you want help reaching them from a person who brings a vast knowledge of the body, health, wellness and sport, performance coaching is a great place to start. 

Coaching clients may receive: 

  • Movement assessment
  • Individualized strength programming
  • Movement coaching
  • Mobility drills
  • Distance running programming
  • Skills training
  • Technique enhancement
  • Knowledge of their body


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