Dr. Ellie Somers, PT, DPT

Owner, Sports Physiotherapist & Coach


Strong Against the Odds.

My mission, and that of Sisu Sports Performance & PT, is to embolden female athletes to keep them actively engaged in sport and activity for their lifetime.


I believe in what you can do and that you have the right to know that feeling too.
— Dr. Ellie Somers, Physical Therapist & Performance Coach

Speciality & Passion:

While I see ALL people, I specialize in work with female athletes, with a particular focus on female athletes and runners.

Research shows that by the age of 14, girls will drop out of sports twice as often as boys. My hope is to empower women and girls to stay engaged in sport and activity for the sake of their health, their personal power, their confidence, their future, and their overall quality of life. 

There is a substantial body of evidence that shows us women and girls are also more likely to experience persistent pain and sustain injury during sporting activities. I want to keep women and girls on the field, in the gym, hitting the pavement and doing what they love.

I am necessarily passionate about maintaining body positive feedback with all of my clients. As a woman, as a physical therapist and as a coach, I am tired of hearing stories of women who have been told something about their body that ultimately keeps them from doing the things that make them happy.

What Sisu Sports Performance & PT has to offer:

Performance Coaching

Offering individual or group fitness and performance coaching. You will receive a comprehensive program designed to your unique goals and abilities. We specialize in the performance management of athletes, with a thoughtful and nurturing approach to performance demands. 

Physical Therapy

Above the bar physical therapy treatment strategies utilizing an evidence-informed approach to help you or your child reach targeted goals. I believe nothing is off limits when it comes to fulfilling your dreams after injury. 


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