Do you take my insurance?

Great news! I am an out of network provider for insurance companies. This means I have the flexibility to partner with you to help you achieve your goals in a manner that fits you best. The best part about this model is that it allows both me and you, the freedom to treat you in a manner that is dictated by you and not your insurance company. This means 60 minutes of 1-1 time with your physical therapist, Dr. Ellie Somers. Giving you the time you need to get your questions answered and the care you need to get better. No one interfering or telling us what we can or cannot do to help you get better. The sky is the limit. 

What should I expect from my physical therapist, Dr. Ellie Somers?

As your physical therapist, I work to evaluate, diagnose and treat your musculoskeletal or painful condition. Much of what I aim to achieve with my patients is autonomy. I want everyone to feel as though they can grasp what is happening, so that they can ultimately help themselves as well. I want to know your goals and I want to help you achieve them. I am not your standard "rub and dub" physical therapist. I am highly trained and educated in the science of pain and sports injury. My hope is to empower and excite you about what your body can do, through education, appropriate strength training, mobility and wellness. If you're looking for passive treatment modalities, such as massage, ultrasound or electrical stimulation, you will not receive them from me. 

How much will my therapy cost?

The cost of therapy is dependent on a few factors. Educating yourself on these things will drastically improve your ability to advocate for the care you need and ultimately reduce your costs.

The first factor that will dictate the cost of your therapy, is you. If you have a high level of motivation to get better, your ability to invest in your health will go a long way as you collaborate with your physical therapist. Each 60 minute appointment is $150.00 and is based on a market analysis of others offering similar services in the Seattle and surrounding areas.

The second factor that will dictate the cost of your physical therapy depends on where you go to see a physical therapist. At many "in-network" clinics, you may end up seeing a physical therapist multiple times per week for several weeks on end. Often you will pay a co-pay and then receive a bill in the mail months later for the therapy you received. That bill is a contracted and negotiated rate of pay that you will be required to pay up to your deductible amount. At which point, many insurance companies will have you still pay a percentage of each visit. As you can imagine, the costs start to add up quickly. Each insurance company offers different benefits, so it's vitally important to educate yourself on your benefits, so that you know what to expect. 

At SisuPT, you know what therapy costs are up front. There are no hidden fees. No bills that will show up in your mailbox months later and no excessive scheduling of appointments. I work closely with each patient to ensure they understand what is happening so that there are no surprises financially.

If you still wish to seek some form of reimbursement, that is most definitely something you can do. Understanding your "out of network" benefits is key. Often times, the cost of physical therapy at SisuPT is significantly lower than that of clinics "in network" and I can provide you with something called a "super-bill" so that you can submit your bills to insurance for reimbursement.

If you have any questions about the maze of insurance, please do not hesitate to give me call 206-5-88-5375.

What is a "Super-bill?"

A super-bill is a receipt for your paid services that includes the appropriate codes and information needed for insurance reimbursement. Super-bills are only provided to patients receiving physical therapy services.