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Course description:

This course will help to define strategies important in the care of a female athlete, before, during or after injury. We will cover the barriers female athletes face to performance at higher levels, language considerations to help combat those barriers and empower your female athletes. We will present a collaborative novel approach to treatment, coaching and return to competition phases of sport for female athletes after injury. This course will cover load management strategies of the female athlete, appropriate training strategies and coaching cues to facilitate the transition back to sport with the ultimate goal of keeping girls and women engaged in sport and activity for their lifetime.


  1. Participants will demonstrate proficient understanding of why words matter for female athletes recovering from injury and returning to sport

  2. Participants will demonstrate an ability to effectively evaluate a female athlete through a holistic/biopsychosocial lens

  3. Participants will understand common injuries sustained by female athletes

  4. Participants will conceptualize essential exercises used with female athletes and why to use those exercises

  5. Participants will understand the importance of female involvement in sport from a population health perspective

  6. Participants will develop an improved understanding of the basics of strength and conditioning in working with female athletes

  7. Participants will feel confident coaching and cueing essential exercises for female athletes including front squat, deadlift, kettlebell swings and turkish get-ups.

  8. Participants will have a greater understanding of programming for athletes after injury and how to progressively load so that there is no delay for return to sport for female athletes.