DR. ELLIE SOMERS, PT, DPT   Owner, Physical Therapist, Coach

Owner, Physical Therapist, Coach

Sisu is the premier source for physical therapy and performance coaching for running and sporting athletes within The Seattle.

Providing special focus and attention towards the female athlete.


Physical Therapy

Move forward with ferocity

Physical Therapy

Are you looking for a top level physical therapist in Seattle and don’t know where to start? Do you want to learn why you don’t have to stop doing what you love because of your injury? Are you looking for a person to coach and guide you through the process? Sisu offers an unbound, unapologetic approach rooted in science.


Performance coaching

Perform fearlessly

Performance Coaching

Are you nervous about returning to sport after injury? Do you feel like you need additional support and guidance to get you back to the field? Sisu offers run and strength programming so that you can perform with confidence and fearlessness in the activities that light your fire.


Professional consulting

Work with passion

PRofessional Consulting

Learn the ins and outs of starting a cash-based physio clinic and gain a partner, resource and fierce advocate in the process.


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